MicroG Companion app installation fails

Hello fellow degooglers,

Since a few months, the MicroG companion app has started showing up in F-droid’s update list. This is confusing to me, as I thought /e/ installed its own version of MicroG. I certainly did not try to install anything manually.

When I try to update the companion app, it fails. This has happened since two or three /e/ updates. Now, I would ignore this, but at the same time one of my banking apps stopped working as well. I had to verify my ID again, by taking a picture of my passport and my face. It doesn’t work, informing me that Google Play Services are not installed. This has not been a problem before. I started using my FP4 with /e/ about two years ago.

Has there been a change to MicroG in last months? Are other people experiencing this? Are the banking app and MicroG problems even related? If anyone can help me get started debugging this, I would be grateful as well. I am not the most proficient in the Android system but I know the basics.

Thanks for any responses!

Fairphone 4
/e/ version (at this time): 1.16-s
MicroG version:

The FakeStore ( also called App Lounge Store) provided by /e/ has a different signature from upstream which is why the microG Companion (formerly FakeStore) fails to install. So there is no problem on your end.

You should not have the microG repo enabled on /e/ anyway so just disable it.
Any updates to FakeStore, when available, would come with new /e/OS builds. Version 0.2.0 is the latest.


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