MicroG Device Registration get new identity since old one is blocked

Hi all!

Three days ago my MicroG decided to get a new identity on my google account and re-registered the device (as stated under settings → system → microg → device registration) “Last Registration: 3 days ago”

Since this happened in the background, I didnt know about it, but got a mail by google saying a Pixel 4 logged in my account.

Since I got a Fairphone 4 and didnt think, I kicked the Pixel out of my account.

My phone still has the same registration from three days ago, but since then, Google Maps doesnt function anymore.

My guess is I need to re-register my device via microg as new identity and not kick it out this time.

How do I kick off the re-registration immediately in microg without waiting for it to happen by itself?

Im stupid and want maps to work again for travelling. Any advice?

/e/OS technically can’t guarantee Google-dependent Apps (not only Apps by Google) to work all the time. /e/OS can only do its best, which at times might not be enough.

So, whatever a possible solution might be in this case, you either need an alternative maps App to use in such times anyway, or you chose the wrong OS.

The closest thing to the Google Maps App I’ve seen so far should be GMaps WV, which is just the Google Maps website wrapped into an App. You could, of course, use the Google Maps website in a browser, too.
Alternatively, you could have a look at Magic Earth (preinstalled in /e/OS as “Maps”), at Organic Maps (mentioned quite often) or at OsmAnd (quite popular because of all the features, but not everybody’s favourite because of all the features - go for OsmAnd~ with the tilde if interested, it’s the unlimited OsmAnd+ version from F-Droid).

If you just wanted to have the highest chance of Google stuff to work on a non-stock OS, then you should be on LineageOS with GApps installed and your device registered at Google for the legitimate use of GApps on an uncertified Android OS (https://www.google.com/android/uncertified ).

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