MicroG don't work with Youtube Vanced

Hi every body,
I use Youtube Vanced and NewPipe free add apps to watch videos.
But when i log-in to my youtube account to import subscription list the microG authentification don’t found google account or any other acconts.

someone else has already encountered this problem?

Thank you.

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Hi @Usem have you tried using Youtube Vanced on Lineage ROM or LineageOs4MicroG ROM? Wanted to check if this issue is specific to /e/ or is MicroG. You could raise a bug on Gitlab at https://gitlab.e.foundation/groups/e/-/issues with logcat files attached

Thank you @Manoj ,
Yes, I used to use it for several months before switching from LineageOS ROM to /e/.
For information, the Youtube Vanced App come with MicroG package. I don’t know if the MicroG version is specific to YV App or not.

If you’re using the non-root Vanced then it probably won’t work with the regular microG. I believe it only works with the microG provided from the Vanced site. The root version of Vanced should work just fine (I use it on all of my microG-based ROMs).


Sorry to necrobump, but do I have to install the root version using root, or is it just called that because that’s the typical use for that version of the app?

You have to install the youtube vanced package via root, in magisk you can download the latest module pretty strait forard…

Really late reply, sorry. Yes, the root Vanced is installed using root. It cannot be installed like a regular apk using the package installer. It has to be installed manually, as /system/app/YouTube/YouTube.apk, or via the Vanced installer zip.
An installer zip by shadowstep is also available here (for 64-bit devices)…

And of course the Magisk version mentioned previously.