microG Services Core keeps stopping

microG Services Core keeps stopping - Redmi Note 4 Mido

System version: 0.92020062660259

If I had this problem, the first test would be this: I would delete the data in the Storage section concerning the application (Settings - Apps&Notifications - see all xx apps), and then try to restart the machine.
But maybe you already have… :wink:

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Does a reboot solve the issue ?

If not, it would be nice to catch a log and report the issue on the gitlab please.

Indeed you could Clear data of MicroG, but if you do this you will need to register again every app that are listed under the Settings > MicroG > Google Cloud Messaging section by uninstalling and installing them in order to have notifications.

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Restarting the equipment the message appears. I will follow the suggestion given to erase MicroG data and see if it resolves.

Hi everyone,

I have the same message on some apps when I want to create an account on these apps. I tried what is advised above but it didn’t work. Any other idea ?

EDIT : sorry my phone isn’t a Xiamoi but a Samsung Galaxy S7, I’m going into the right place


your issue might be linked to this one: