microG services core stopped

recently my microG services core stopped unexpectedly. While trying to figure out what might be wrong I detected that my microG app seems to be outdated. I have installed 0.2.21…, but microG offers 0.2.24 . I downloaded the apk, but could not upgrade because a conflict was indicated. So I was looking how best to uninstall 0.2.21. But I do not find any button that allows to uninstall when showing the listing of all apps. Any hint how best to uninstall the old version and to install the current one?
Thank you in advance.

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You cannot easily update microG.
It is shipped as a system app and only updated with the (~(bi)monthly) /e/ updates.
There might be ways to do it via adb.

Thank you, you are right.
After having updated e/OS the new microG is now 0.2.24…