MicroG serviços and PdfViewer Plus not updating?

Aurora Store finds two updates (MicroG and PdfViewer) but can’t update because they were pre-installed. But /e/ APP Store doesn’t find this updates. How can I update them?
Thank you

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You can’t. Pls ‘blacklist’ them in Aurora.
You have to wait til eOS will have the new versions in one of his next updates


Thank you. Done what you suggested

I don’t use Aurora Store and am not absolutely sure but I think these apps are system apps.
Probably you have to root your device (e.g. with Magisk flashed via TWRP) to get them updated by Aurora Store. Or you wait until they are updated by e/OS/-ROM-update.
I never had these problems because I only use rooted devices.

Rooting is not a goid idea.

In most cases you are absolutely right - in general terms.
(Please no general discussion about it).
But I like to use AFWall+.

I bought my phone from /e/

I think you can root it anyway by flashing Magisk via TWRP recovery and installing the app whether it is a Fairphone 3 or a Samsung Galaxy 8.
But I wouldn’t really advise it as @harvey186 wrote before.

If they dont crash and/or you dont have an absolute need to update them, better wait the monthly /e/ update to do it in my opinion.

Definetely blacklist microg, Aurora store thinks it’s google services because it meant to do so to lure apps. Aurora store wont be able to update it anyway

… Definetely blacklist microg, Aurora store thinks it’s google services …

It’s the same at F-Droid-Store. But there hints are given if microG is GApps or Non-GApps