MicroG setup - no connection to Google servers

Hello together,

I searched within the forum, but couldn’t find an answer to my question. If I missed an already existing thread, I’m sorry, please link it.
I’m trying to setup and enable MicroG, in order to get a banking app running (SecureGo, should work with MicroG). Unfortunately, I am not able to get a connection to the Google Servers.
In the self check, all checks are set. But when I go on adding a Google account, it stucks at building up the connection to the Google Servers no matter how long a wait (for 10 Minutes, nothing happens).

Can you please help me? What is the failure here?

Thanks in advance.

If the app need Gaccount to work, you may have to first add the Gaccount in the system account manager before select it in microG settings, isn’t it ?
Otherwise registering is not a requirement for most app

Hi Rauschwalbe.

Not sure if I can help. But I try. At first on my (Fairphone 3 plus) with /e/ the app you are talking about runs perfectly fine.

I wonder about your lines if you say “…trying to setup and enable…”. On my phone right after installing /e/ microG was installed already. I was able to open the microG settings, to logon with a Google account and to register the device. Afterwards I installed the VR banking app via Aurora Store (could not find a different trusting source) and was able to start and to configure this app.

So what is different to your environment?


Hello @piero and @mathias.schmidt,

thanks for your answers. Reading them gets me the impression that maybe I got the whole MicroG app wrong. I thought, that I don’t have to have to connect a Google account to my phone. In fact, I deleted my Google Account yesterday completely, because I don’t need it anymore.

[quote=“mathias.schmidt, post:3, topic:32148”]
On my phone right after installing /e/ microG was installed already.
[/quote] Same here.
With “setup” I mean, that I opened the App and tried to get it running. I also was able to set the MicroG settings. But on the next step, connecting to the Google Servers, nothing happenend.
I thought, the whole point of MicroG is, that it fakes a Google Account and I don’t have to connect my phone with an actual Google Account. To be honest, I’m not sure what the use of MicroG is, when I first have to add the Gaccount in the system account manager?

But it looks like, as if this is the different to your environment?

Thanks and kind regards