microG update in Shelter

I would like to update microG Services Core, but the installation fails because of “conflicting package exists”. I figure this message is due to the fact that I have microG in Shelter.

How can I update both microG, one in Main and the other in Shelter?

Thanks in advance

I don’t think it’s because of Shelter.

I have not been able to update microG in a month.

MicroG updates come in through the OTA builds. It may not be possible to update it separately.

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@Manoj thanks a lot for the clarification

I use f-Droid, Aurora Store and /e/ store

I had to use Aurora pour to update some apps I installed.

Yesterday, I may be did a mistake.

Aurora offered an microG update and I clicked Yes… After that I had a message about CONFLICT version… Same thing for pdf viewer…

If I udpated microG(I don’t know, not sure if I did) using Aurora Store, is there a possibility I " re-googled my installation ?

in Settings App : IU see microG

IF I don’t use a google account in my /e/ installation, am I still using microG for some apps ?


It wasn’t a MicroG update but a Google Play Services update. MicroG has the same codename so Aurora thinks you have Google Play Services installed.

It’s normal to have an error message if you try to update, and no I don’t think it has done anything bad. (Since nothing has been installed/updated, Aurora should tell you that the update is still available.)

No need for a Google account for MicroG to work so yes if you have installed apps that need Google, they are probably using MicroG. Go to Settings > MicroG > Google Cloud Messaging and you will se the list of apps using it.

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oufff tks ! I didn’t feel for reinstalling / flashing again LOL

I went to see and no app yet registered / using it.

tks !

In Aurora it is better to blacklist MicroG so no update (of Google Play Services) is proposed.

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