Microphone issue on Discord

Hi guys !

I’m a discord lover and I often use the app to call my friends.
Recently, I have tried to call someone on discord on my /e/OS phone (1.21-r and Galaxy S7), but the microphone isn’t recognised.
I’ve checked the settings in both my phone and the app settings, but discord has the permissions. When I go in voice settings in the app settings, the sensibility voice bar (a test to see if the app can record you) stay grey. That means that the app just don’t have access to the microphone.
According to this article ([LIST] Apps that work or do not work with microG), discord is supported by microG, so it should be working… I’ve also been to the support page of discord. My phone is on android 11, which is normaly supported. Help !

Thank you in advance for you support.
Good evening.

Same thing here, the microphone isn’t recognised, the sensibility voice bar stay grey.

Tried fiddling with the settings, cache and data wiped, uninstalling and re-installating, nothing work.

i can join channel, follow stream and text people, but the voice simply doesn’t work even with the correct permission

Phone : Murena 2
eos version : 1.21

i tried de-activating tracking on the app but it doesn’t change a thing

Same for me ! Relived to be not alone ! Why isn’t there an option to choose the microphone…
Actually, I just think discord can’t find the microphone.

Guy ! I’ve found something new !
If you go in the system settings, in the discord app settings, choose permissions and then the three dots to show all the authorisations, you’ll discover that discord only have access to the microphone to record your voice for the files !! Voice call is not allowed !
If we can give a special permission to discord, then it may be fixed !

Edit: I’ve fixed it (wrong) ! Juste go in the permissions, then put microphone on always ask. Then close the app, open it and record something random via vocal message. Always allow discord. Go in the settings and check the bar :smile:. It should be ok !

Second edit: Actually, i was connected via bluetooth to an earphone. The normal micro still doesn’t work. I’m so disappointed… Only the push to talk works with the built-in-mivrophone.
According to some forum i should reset my voice settings but i don’t know how to do that on /e/OS.

Third: I have written a lot of bullshit above, so let me put evrything clearly here. Since i have done the manipulation described in the 1st edit, my microphone (built-in) is recognized in the settings, either on automatic or on manual sensitivity. However, only the push to talk works. So i should reset my voice settings but i don’t know how on /e/OS. I recommend to skip the 2nd edit (nothing good there).