Microphone issue since 1.21


I have an issue with the microphone on my Mi10T (apollon). Starting from e/OS 1.21-t some apps don’t get the input properly or with added noises. All apps have necessary rights to record.
e.g. whatsapp records with white noise
e.g. SayHi / Google translate do not record at all

I hoped with e/OS 2.0 it might get better (as magically as the issue showed up :sweat_smile:).

From my second device (axolotl) I remember there was some wiring issue with the chip which had to be resolved by the software/kernel. I can imagine a similar situation with my Xiaomi but can not find a related topic in the net.

Is there a way to check which input each app is using or even switching the input on a per app basis?

Best regards