Microphone issues during calls

Hello /e/OS support community,

I have recently installed /e/OS on a Fairphone 4, managed to also successfully re-lock the bootloader, and it all seems to be working fine.
However, whenever the owner of the phone makes or takes a call, they are understood only very poorly, because the microphone either picks up nothing (they usually use the handsfree function with the internal speaker), or it picks up sound in a very bad quality.
And now I am wondering what could be the reason for that? Is there a possible fix? I haven’t found anything, but this needs to be remedied, because otherwise, the owner of the phone won’t be able to use it as intended.
Can you please help me track this down, or maybe point me to a known issue and possible fix?

Thanks & best regards!

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I had some issues with voice calls on my fp4 until i noticed i covered One or maybe two of the mics which seem to be around the frame with my hand.
After repositioning my grip the calls went fine.
Other than that i have no issues with call quality.

I have the same problem, and no, I did not cover the microphones with my hands.

I think it’s a different issue. Either hardware or firmware related. To me it appears that the device has a problem with duplexing audio (i.e. phone calls over the loudspeaker). Is there a DSP doing this? Does it have firmware? Is this firmware part of the flashing process?

Basically, I want to reset the device to its stock firmare now - for testing purposes. If the problem persists, it’s a warranty case and the device needs to be exchanged. If the problem doesn’t persist, then it may be that there went something wrong while flashing the firmware, and I would try putting /e/ onto it again.

So does anyone know whether there is a flashing guide on how to to restore FP4 to stock OS?

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Maybe with these links :

Hello i have exactly the same problem. Please let us know your results. Thanks!!!

Recording voice Messages in telegram is also nearly not possible. Disgusting Sound quality.