Microphone not working doing phone calls or voice messages + aux port does not recognice headphones

Hey there,
since a while i got some trouble with my Samsung Galaxy S7. (Android 7.1.2)

I am struggling with the following issues:

  1. I can receive phone calls an hear what the other person is saying but the microphone does not seem to work as the other person can not hear me.
  2. I can not record voice messages, though I can take videos including sound. As a result I assume that the microphone itself has no damage.
  3. The AUX port is nor recognizing my headphones. As a consequence I can only listen to music by using the phones speakers or a Bluetooth speaker.

Do you know how I can fix those problems for that I can have phone calls, take voice messages and use my headphones again? Sadly the last software update did not help.


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Worth a try is to clear the cache using TWRP.
I don’t understand why this should work, but it did fix some of my problems on my s9plus