Microphones not activated when activating loudspeaker and hands-free mode

Hello all,
I use /e/ os 1.10-s, and I have a very annoying problem I guess everyone may have with fairphone 4 and /e/ os.
When I turn on the loudspeaker during a call, no one can hear me. So I investigated a little bit. Fairphone have 3 mics, one for normal calls, and two other for hands-free call. When I switch to hand free mode, only the bottom mic is working. I tried :

Whatzapp and telegram are perfectly working, so it’s related to system and low level android, I guess…
3 mics are okay if I test with another app, so not hardware related problem… I suspect : com.android.server.telecom to be the root of this problem

Where is the parameter for this annoying problem ?


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Hello Julien,
can confirm that problem using v1.10 on FP4. Several attempts in freehanded calling, but I just can be heard when switching off speakers. Not sure if the problem’s gone when updating onto v1.11.

I hope so… Where can we open an issue in their github ?

It’s not solved in 1.11 and I cannot create a gitlab issue…

Received the v1.11 update OTA yesterday, but had no hand-free phone call since then, so at the moment I can’t confirm or disprove your experience.

It seems strange that no more FP4-users seem to give notice of that problem.

Another way of to point to that problem can be to try to contact @Manoj.

Report an issue or are you Getting an error message in new ID creation on /e/OS Gitlab?


Updated to 1.11 a few days ago and I can confirm the problem. The speaker works fine but people can hear you “extremely low”, so it seems perhaps like a problem with the noise canceling algorithm.

Thank you for your hard work!

I have the same problem

Meanwhile still on v1.11 the behaviour changed. Now the mic seems to work even when using activated loudspeaker, but the audio quality over the speaker is just awful with missing words/ gaps, feedbacks and echoes.

Anyone in the position to confirm that experience?

Still having issues on 1.13 but it’s a bit better, now they hear me bad but they still hear me (so it seems like the algorithm has been tinkered with). The speaker sound works good for me though, no issues with the speaker sound.

Hello all!

With /e/os 1.14 the issue is still there. Free hands mode is unusable if you want to talk anything. For listening its fine.


any news on this issue? This is how it started for me, too.
Now, for a couple of versions (1.19.1, 1.18, maybe 1.17), I cannot use the normal microphone, either. So I cannot use the FP4 for phone calls at all.

The preinstalled sound recorder and camera apps record sound nicely.

I’d really appreciate a fix. Please let me know if/how I can provide helpful information.