microSD card "damaged"

I recently upgraded my device (mido) from Android 7.1.2 to 9.

Since then microSD card often gets “damaged”, said by Android. It asks me to set up again the card and thus reformat it, what would wipe all data. The strange issue is that even formatting it*, next day card is again “damaged”.
Actually it is not damaged, as if I reboot the device or remount the card (sometimes this is not possible because it is “damaged”), then it works well until Android gets lost again with this thing.

* After format, I add exactly the same data as before was. If someone wants to help I can show them what files are there.

Apps I’m using often that may cause problems:

  • PulseMusic
  • retrowars

Recently installed apps, coinciding with this problem:

  • Website Monitor
  • Syphon
  • Husky
  • Audio Recorder

All apps are from F-Droid

You could take the card out of the phone and put it back in … just to exclude a contact hickup as a possible cause for the issue (I know it would be a somewhat improbable coincidence to appear along with an OS upgrade, but not impossible).

I already did this to reenter the data, but I will try if it happens again. Thanks!

If the card acts strange again maybe see how it acts with another device or PC.
Also consider formatting it outside the device, if you haven’t already. FAT32 for best compatibility.


It was well functioning in computer, although it wasn’t there so much time as in smartphone. I could try formatting it on computer, good idea!

Update after 2 days

The next time I got this error, I did format the card on a computer and then, it didn’t ask me to do anything more (before of this, it did). Seems that the problem have been solved. I’ll update if there’s any problem.

This problem happened again twice. Rebooting the device seems to fix it temporarily, until the problem appears again.
I’m thinking that I should report this on eOS’ issue tracker (GitLab)

Yes, definitely. Since the problem occurred after the update and it’s not a faulty card there might be something in that build causing problems.

If someone wants to follow the issue: microSD card shows as damaged from time to time after having upgraded Android version (#3684) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab