Microsoft Surface Duo

Folding Microsoft phone/mini-tablet running android. The hardware concept and the choice of Android for an OS is exciting. The hardware was better reviewed than the software - this device could really benefit from /e/. It is supposed to be a flagship product for MS and the 2nd model just came out this month. Has a reddit community with 6.8k members.

Unlocked bootloader confirmed by Microsoft and rooted already.

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Looking on XDA Forums, there is no sign of any custom ROMS for this device. So a working version of /e/ is a very long way off.

More information about supporting new devices in this post

What’s needed to support though?
Stock Rom dumps are here:
The Kernel is here:

There’s a lot here to start building for the device, as Microsoft have left it on Android 12L, the bootloader is easy to unlock and all relevants bits regarding the displays were upstreamed to AOSP by Microsoft.