Might common banking, airline apps not work?

I’m hoping to migrate from standard Android to /e/ or possibly LineageOS. If I understand correctly, apps with in-app purchases tend not to work on /e/. Does that mean, for example, my bank’s app or an airline’s app probably would not work? That, unfortunately, would be a deal-breaker.

On my existing Android phone I’ve installed the Aurora app store and see my bank’s app and a major airline’s app.

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Those Apps most probably are dependent on underlying Google services (Aurora Store would list them as GSF-dependent in this case) which /e/OS doesn’t have and tries to mimic with the integrated microG. Such Apps might work on /e/OS at some point in time, they might not work on /e/OS at some other point in time.

Another way to manage this situation is to use browser depended services of airlines or banking apps.

I’m a customer of the german Sparkasse and a lot of things can be done with a permanent link to the mobile website in the launcher.

As far as I can see - most apps can be substitute in that way - without installing a google-depended apk.

With brave or fennec f.e. you can “install” theese mobile websites or build a shortcut.


That is also possible with the built-in default browser

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If you have the apk backup from your paid apps you can install them on /e/ this is what I did with all my paid apps and they work good …

Including all my bank account apps which work very well including Paypal or Btc and many other… (some say paypal do not work but for me thats work good… sometimes I have to retry to log in my MC BNC apps but that’s work very well )

For an android user the only serious problem can be the speech recognition/diction but is it secondary… except this there is nothing less than Android do

Do these apps get updated if you install this way? (Just asking from curiosity - one of the bank apps I use works OK, and I use internet banking in my web browser for the bank whose app won’t run in /e/OS)

Well my bank apps work and get updated (including PayPal) but my paid apps like tinyscannerPro and few other no. I have to download it b4 and install the apk…

Aurora and e/ appstore propose the update but do not work (signature issue)

The only issue I have is with my MC BNC which I have to click 2/3 time to log in and to get connected… the 2 first click give me some "we encountered an issue blahblah blah…

Thank you all for your informative replies to my query. For now on my Android phone I am going to try avoid apps for banking, etc, and use websites instead and see how it goes.