Migrate from 1 device to the same device

hello !

I’m using a Moto X4 with /e/ since few month now, but the phone is KO so I just bought a new one
I will of course reinstall /e/, but I was wondering if there is any tool to migrate from 1 device to another with a copy/paste ?

maybe I’m dreaming, but as it’s the same device, it tought there is an easy way than manual installation ? (or setup many app to backup/restore each part etc …)

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YES, If you can boot the first one into TWRP mode,
so it will be easy to backup the /data partition, and copy internal storage (called “sdcard” when physical SDcard is called “externalsd”)
Transfet both to your computer or physical SDcard
Install /e/ on the second device, then restore the /data partition and paste the internal storage content to the new device.


Don’t backup/restore /EFS partition that modify IMEI

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Yes, this is why TWRP is the best recovery program in my opinion (if it’s available for your phone). Hard to beat a full backup.

If you don’t have TWRP (as I don’t with my Teracube 2e), there is an app on F-Droid, Neo Backup, that does a pretty good job of backing up at the App level. There were some quirks with some of the more complicated app data backing up (it messed up order and attribution of my QKSMS saved messages), but other than that did a pretty good job.

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thank you so much I will have a look this week
I will post feedback after that !