Migrate Pixel 5 Android 13

it’s possible to migrate a Pixel 5 android 13 to /e/OS ?

You would need to downgrade to the most recent of the google factory android 12 builds first. Currently eOS is based on android 12 for redfin.

Or you could wait a month or two when /e/ will hopefully be releasing android 13 builds for currently supported devices.

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Ok thank you. So I’ll wait for portability of /e/ on android 13 builds. Do you think that at the same time there will also be a development of the easy installer on Pixel 5, because for the moment it is only available for the Pixel 4?

Here you can see that is being worked on the integration.
Currently Android 12 is used (see redfin_fs.yml), as 13 is not yet available. The last change is just 9 hours old: