Migrate to /e/ even if my xperia XZ2 doesn't recognize SIM card

Hi everyone,

I have bought a Xperia XZ2 to install /e/OS after several happy years with /e/ preinstalled on a Samsung S7.

The XZ2 came with Android 9 so I had to upgrade it to Android 10 before beginning migration. I did it with the Sony flashtool Emma, which proposed me the build version 52.1.A.0.618.
Now the phone does not recognize the SIM card, I am not allowed to add APN… I found other people having this issue on other Sony mobiles and the solution seems to be to update the firmware to newer versions, but the Sony flashtool does not propose me newer versions than the one installed.
I read on /e/ install guides or LineageOS install guides that one shall make sure that the phone can make calls with the stock ROM before migration.
But I know before upgrading to A10, the SIM card was recognised and I could give and receive calls.

So the question is: can I try to migrate to /e/, which could make this software problem disappear, or is it sure that the problem will remain?

Thanks in advance for your help!


I guess it will remain. Maybe you flashed the wrong “market” edition, as in EU vs. US vs. Asia markets. I’d seek out dedicated Sony forums and write about your issues with the flash tool recommondation. The images contain partition with configs for SIM cards based on their mcc/mnc. If you’d flash /e/ over it I’d expect no change in behaviour, as that partition probably stays untouched.

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