Migrating contacts with photos assigned

Hi Everyone,

I’m wondering if it’s possible to export all contacts (some of them have photos assigned) from eOS and import to other phone with eOS with those photos (with full quality)?

Usually I can achieve that kind of migration. However, the photos are poor quality, so I have to reassign photos to each contact, again. Which takes me a looootttttt of time.

Many thanks for your advises.

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I think the best way would be to sync the contacts on your second device with your ecloud.

Thanks Harvey, but I don’t use cloud and I’m not planning to. I rather look for an offline method.


Don’t know the result, but Contacts’ settings menu offers to share all by mail or Bluetooth. From a device to the other one…

Thanks Trefix. I’ve shared a few contacts to check and it shares it but the contact photo is poor quality. I shared it vi BT from eOS to eOS (the same based Android version)

You’re welcome.

No photo nor personal info in my Contact file, as few ‘suckable’ data’s as possible, so I didn’t test this feature. Perhaps you can edit a *.vcf file (with nano, vim or other text editor) and link to a ‘my-contacts’-photos’ folder, drag and drop and then import .vcf. look at VCF Viewer or other app…

I totally understand what you mean about sharing personal info to programs or machines in general. However, it’s a path where the best idea is to just give back a sim card to the provider and handle without mobile phone, cause everywhere you are you might be observed by some stuff. For me it’s a pretty hard path so I just let go and give a f… :wink:

Quickly seen: *.vcf is only text data’s, so pictures are encoded in base64 mode. May cause low quality…