Migrating from Apple Car Play to /e/OS

My experience is lacking along with lack of technical skills so I am presenting this question to the community for a friend. She has a new car and is using Apple iPhone Car Play. She recently purchased a Toyota Rav IV and in that package has a service called Toyota Connection Services. These services range from navigation where they have their own “Siri”, 24/7 whereabouts of your vehicle, if you had a collision, the actual amount of miles on the car, updated continually, and more all provided by the Toyota App. Learning this she has unsubscribed from this service. She has such a distaste for her privacy being invaded she is looking at ridding her Apple Car Play and has asked me about my Murena One and the map app for navigating, and using it for receiving phone calls and if it would be worth the move from Apple to Murena. Informing her I would present this to the /e/ community and their feedback would be provided to her.
Would it be beneficial to her and though she will still be tracked via cell towers what are the advantages?

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