Minor issues after OTA upgrade on S9+

For me, the upgrade from /e/ OS v0.20 (android 8) to v0.21 (android 10) went very well overall on my official eSolutions deGoogled Samsung S9+ phone (star2lte). I did experience a few minor issues and I wanted to document them here. Some of these are also in e foundation’s gitlab.

  • had to re-add fingerprints for biometric auth
  • bluetooth disconnects and crashes often when I try to use it with my car. I don’t recall this happening much before, maybe just a few times in the past year or so. Now it happens all the time in my car. My bluetooth headset (airpods pro) seems to work fine before & after upgrading. UPDATE: the airpods crash bluetooth sometimes too. I don’t have a consistent repro.
  • I’m now experiencing https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/2049 . This one is really distracting when trying to read anything on the screen (unless the top icons are hidden).
  • I’m now experiencing https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/4178
  • camera app now has a floating camera icon with a little plus sign hovering over the zoom slider

See also: stuff tagged “ota-upgrade”.

Here’s the camera app artifact:

NOTE: I was limited to 2 links above and one image.

I was getting stuttering sound when the screen turns off when using the Jellyfin app to play music. This is a known issue, perhaps having to do with WebView on the newer version of Android? Anyway, I worked around it by using the Gelli app, apparently it uses a native music player. It’s in the /e/ Apps app, or in F-Droid.

Bluetooth seems more stable since upgrading to v0.22.