Missing app icons in work profile with Total launcher

Apps added to the work profile when using Total launcher are displayed using a generic icon consisting of a ‘?’ in a red disc, rather than their own icon. This does not happen when using the Bliss launcher, where they use their own icon with a little padlock added.

If anyone else is using Total launcher, are you having the same problem? Is there a solution/workaround?


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That’s right. I have had the same. But you can change it easy. remove the question mark, push the plus sign and use Application in popup menue. Than you can add the shelter app (that with the blue luggage in)

Sorry, Harvey, I don’t understand this. How do I remove the question mark? Where is the plus sign? Is all this done in Edit mode?

Sure, for all changes you have to set Total Launcher in edit mode.
Go into edit mode
Push the question as long til the popup menu around the icon appears.
Push trash and question mark is gone and plus sign appears
Push plus

Select Application

Now select App icon.with blue case in

Ah. Thank you. This method worked after I’d cloned the apps to the main profile. This ‘restored’ the icon in the work profile, after which I could uninstall them from the main profile.

I had initially installed them directly into the work profile, but it appears they have to ‘pass through’ the main profile in order to bring their icon with them to the work profile.