Missing banking Spanish apps in App Store

Hello I’m a Spanish user and I’m missing the Spanish banking apps on the App Store. Please, could you add them on next reviews. Thanks in advance!

Hi, I think to help the team, the name of the missing Apps would be helpful. Muchas gracias :blush:

To raise a new app request pl follow the process given here

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Hello, I’m afraid I cannot find that information following those instructions, sorry. I tried even with your example but I didn’t see it. Anything else I can do to find out the package name? Thanks

Edit: I missunderstood one step. Now is clear and I told about it on my last comment. Thanks @Manoj for your guide and help!

Hello Julien, a first list would be this one (Play Store links):


Hahahaha, I just realised that, indirectly, I found those package names (on the links that I copied) or at least I think! I’ll try with them!

P.D: Yeah, they were! :smile: Simply visiting the Play Store web and search for the app. On the URL will appear the package name as “id” parameter

Thanks both for your help anyway!

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