Missing IZLY app on Samsung Galaxy S7

Hi all!

Since october 22’ I hope every update will allow me to install IZLY app. Unfortunately, it never append, as the app i was using (to pay meal in France) disappeared form my Galaxy S7 since /e/OS v. 1.4. update (link to 1.4 feedback). See also my posts in 1.6 update and 1.7 threads.
Last week I’ve tried to install the apk package with "APK Explorer & Editor” app and it fail again, saying “Application is not compatible with this device”.

Does anyone succeed to install this app since 1.4 update ?
I heard the app works fine with S8 and S9, but not with S7, why ?
Could APK Explorer & Editor app able to modify this app and accept my device ?
Any advice is welcome

I’ve noticed that the package name on the screenshot = fr.smoney.android.izly.SmoneyApplication
while it should be = fr.smoney.android.izly.REC

Have you checked in your apps list (Settings → Apps and notifications → See all apps) if the IZLY app is still there?

Thank you for your answer, no the app is not present in my installed app list.
I double check the apk, and try again to install, I select the file “Izly_4.3_(2032102003)_Apkpure.apk”, as everyone can download. Don’t know why APK AEE show another name, maybe the package and the app have different ones.

  1. Have you tried installing an older version of IZLY?
  2. Are you running a DEV or a STABLE build of /e/OS?

Just try to install v 4.2 and v.4.1: no way!
I’m on stable branch

Bonjour @Philippe3,
Je n’ai malheureusement pas de Galaxy S7 sous la main, mais l’application s’installe bien sur mon FP3, en utilisant Aurora Store.

Cependant, comme solution de secours, tu peux visiblement payer directement depuis ton compte en ligne.
FAQ paiement Izly

Hi @Philippe3,
I unfortunatly don’t have a Galaxy S7, but my app is working well on my FP3, using the Aurora Store.

However, as a workarround, you can visibly pay directly from your online account.
FAQ Izly

Merci pour ta réponse, j’ai une carte pour payer au RU, mais j’ai pas le droit de l’oublier !
L’application s’installe très bien sur un S8 ou un S9, mais pas sur un S7, et personne ne sait pourquoi, ça fait Ch#£%

Thanks for your answer, I have a card to pay my meal, but I must not forget it!
Izly app is working fine on Galaxy S8 an S9, but not on S7, nobody knows why…

Oui, mais comme je disais, tu peux aussi utiliser ton espace izly en ligne depuis ton navigateur pour générer le QR code de paiement :slight_smile:

Est-ce que tu as essayé de la télécharger depuis un autre store que l’App Lounge ? Et pas depuis AEE, qui n’a pas l’air de proposer un APK correct.

Yes, but as I said, you can also use your izly account into directly from the browser to generate the QR code for paying :slight_smile:

Did you try to download it from another store that is not App Lounge ? And not from AEE wich seems to propose a wrong APK.

Oui je connais le site aussi, faut avouer que ce n’est pas super pratique d’imprimer un QRcode, j’ai même aussi fait des captures d’écran (à transferer sur le S7 ensuite :face_with_diagonal_mouth:).
Ce que ne n’accepte pas c’est que l’appli a été effacée lors de la mise à jour 1.4 alors que je m’en servait !

Aurora Store ne trouve pas l’appli Izly, je sais pas pourquoi ¯\__(ツ)_/¯

have you tried one of those two possible workarounds ?


Merci Piero !
Will try the adb trick and be back here soon :+1:

Et de se connecter sur le site directement depuis le téléphone ? :slight_smile:

Étrange :thinking:
Depuis ce lien,

Workaround 1. In your browser, search for ‘playstore’ and ‘app name’ e.g. ‘playstore nhs uk covid’. Long press the correct link in the search results, choose ‘Open link in external app’, then choose Aurora Store. The app you are after will get installed, but you may not get updates unless you know to go looking for them in the browser again. (I need to check that out - I’ll report back)

Izly app can be installed with App Lounge since r update last march. Thanks !