Missing navigation menu

I can not find/activate the navigation menu (the thing at the bottom of the screen with a circle, triangle and square). Is there an option or method to activate this or is this a bug? I am a new user of /e/ and android 10, so I might be missing something.

That’s a curious one. I’ve got a Gigaset myself. I had a search in the settings and couldn’t find any option to turn the displaying of the navigation bar on or off.

You could try resetting the 3 button navigation bar app to see if that fixes the display issue.

It’s done simply enough. Go to settings and in the search bar type “3 Button Navigation Bar.” It should pop up long before you type all that. Then open the app and tap the ‘force restart’ option.

I could find the 3 Button Navigation Bar, but there was no option for force restart. Only an option for force stop. I tried to stop it and restart the phone but it did not solve the problem.

Sorry, yeah, ‘force stop’ is the one to press.

If that or the restart of the phone didn’t work, I’m out of ideas. I’ll keep having a look through the options to see if anything else occurs to me.

It might fix itself when the 0.14 update comes through.

I fiddled around with some settings and I saw the menu working if I logged into a guest account. Probably something went wrong while setting up the initial account(I did/it accidentally power down the phone during the first start ). After resetting it to factory settings, all works fine. I chalk this one up to users oops.
@Gioni Thanks for your help

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