Missing option for colouring events in the calendar


I’m really missing a feature for colouring events in a calendar. Is it possible to enable/create this function? Different colours make a “packed” calendar more “tidy”.

Thanks for your great work! :slight_smile:


Mine are coloured. Can’t remember how I did it.
Probably from murena.io web interface.

I have different colours for different murena calendars

Thank you. Ya, now I see, that there is an option in “Settings” to choose from: “Add CalDav calendar”, “Add EteSync calendar” and “Add offline calendar” and for those you can choose a colour.

The thing is, that as a teacher I teach for different institutions for which I used to choose particulal colours + different colours for meetings, shopping, events etc. In G-mail calendar I just choosed a colour for a certain activity.

So is it ment to create separate “calendars” for each “calendar topic”?

I also teach, dear colleague.
I have

Personal calendar
Drug calendar
Lessons calendar
Administative duties

Yes, that’s how you do it with the standard tools of the os

Ok. Thank you. And which one from those 3 types is the best, so that I will have it in my phone (off-line) + also synchonized with the web?

Depends on what online “service” you use I guess.
I sync the caldav calendars from my posteo account. The first step is to create the calendars there. Otherwise you have no calendar for your phone to sync with.
Caldav is a common syncable format.
I do not know about the other calendar options or if they can be synced etc.