Missing sounds?

Question: does anyone miss any sounds?

I have the impression that since 2.0 is running some sounds are not played anymore. I have two sounds configured for plugging and unplugging the charger - I don’t get them anymore. Also Molly and Fairemail do not beep anymore, never, but notifications and the blinking LED are displayed. I have also a sound in Battery Bot when the charging reaches 95%. All these sounds are still configured and the sound files are still OK, the volume is not quiet, Do not disturb is off, but they are not played when they should.

Dumb question: did you restart your device?
Android Media scanner sometimes need that, to refresh…

After I installed 2.0 I did of course a reboot. But then a time later I noticed that the device is somehow quiet …

I did a reboot yesterday in the evening and Fairemail beeps again. Also the charging sounds are back. So I guess, it works again. But the reason for missing several (all?) of these sounds remains unclear.

We have a second device which did not behave like this. The sounds configured there are all good until today.

I have it again, now also on the latest 2.1. It works for weeks and then, suddenly, it stops, no sounds anymore at all. After a reboot it’s OK again. - Not good. I didn’t do anything on this, I swear.

I’d try to check if it’s related to MediaProvider, as many things rely on this:

  • install a third-party media player that don’t rely on MediaProvider
  • also, add a random sound file in your Media folder
  • when sounds drop, check if it can play something with integrated Music app, then third-party player
  • optionally, watch logcat when trying to play

If it’s confirmed to be e MediaProvider problem, here is what I did in the past:

  • reboot to “advanced” recovery (TWRP, OrangeFox, …), able to decrypt Data
  • within adb shell, located the MediaProvider database, moved or renamed it
  • rebooted to system, waited 15mn to have database re-populated

BTW, having a SDCard with indexed media files on it can cause problems.

Hope this will help!

I’ll see what I can do there. foobar2000 is my default player.

Ahm … I have a lot of music stuff on my SD card. But I’m not sure who should be responsible for indexing them. The sounds I mean are all in the internal memory to be able to remove the SD card without any loss.

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As far as I know, MediaProvider will try to index them as well. It can lead to hangs and/or database corruption using a slow storage. Usually resolved with a reboot…
I’d try to put the SDCard aside for a while, to see what happen!

May be, but does this happen in background or only when I open the app? I never use the stock Music app. I don’t even know how it actually looks. OK, when I choose or change a sound in the Settings and the sound is then played it will probably be used in background.

That’s not so easy since my mobile and a pair of headphones is meanwhile my main music playing environment …

MediaProvider is a system app, scanning happens in background. It’s not related to playing/viewing any media, just indexing them and provide info to the apps. Please see the link in my first post.

If your player doesn’t use MediaProvider (as foobar2000), I’d try to put a .nomedia file in SCDard top directory. This will prevent MediaProvider indexing.

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When it happens, when the notification sounds are not hearable anymore, sound files are still correctly playable by foobar2000, VLC, TotalCommander. Also the keyboard makes still
hearable key pressed sounds (only in some situations, as configured).

My uptime is now 21 days (without a reboot).

I’ll see what happens.

Update: seems that the system folders “Ringtones” and “Notifications” in the internal device memory do not accept a .nomedia file. But it should still be a remarkable relief for the indexer not to see my 44GB music files on my SD card.

So, this is definitely a MediaProvider issue :confused:

Please, don’t! Excluding these folders from MediaProvider is the opposite of what you need.
To have these kind of media files always available, the better place is in phone’s internal memory, not SDCard.

That’s exactly the case (big library on slow storage) where the indexer is known to have problems and hang :slight_smile: