Missing "Updater" in settings on my FP4 with installed 1.6

the murena-FP4 (bought december 2022 at murena shop) works fine with e/os/ 1.6-s.
At /e/ image ROM download there is a new 1.8-s version.
But my 1.6 does not offer the “Updater” nor the “Advanced” option as mentioned at
How to update /e/ :frowning:
(my FP4 is running german language)

Can you please give me some hints how to achive an update (to 1.7/8) without loosing my data?

Hello, and welcome in this forum.

First, consider to give other users all the informations of your phone and system:
Vendor Name
Device name
Device CodeName
Version of /e/OS or Stock which existed previously
Is the device Rooted / Not rooted

You can find the full version of eOS in Settings/Phone information/Android version then copy with a long tap on /e/ OS version.

In the meanwhile, can’t you find in Settings the first item Updates?

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Einstellungen - Aktualisierungsprogramm.

The location of this settings item changed. The guide is outdated regarding this detail (version 0.12 in a screenshot), which can happen. Pinging @Manoj .


Thanks for pointing this out @AnotherElk. Will have the guide updated.

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THNX for all your replies :slight_smile:
With these the update to 1.9 went very well - happy again!