Mistakenly downloaded an .apk file and now can't remove it!

I can view the .apk file in Downloads using the FP3+ Files app, can’t rename, can’t move, can’t delete and is taking up 47 Mb of space. Any way to force removal without going back to stock system?

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Is it just this file you cannot delete, or are you unable to delete any file?

Where did you download the .apk from?

What happens when you long-press the .apk in the Download folder? Does the trash can appear at the top of the screen?

Just the file - it comes back with failed to delete.

When I long press the delete icon appears but then I get a message after it is saying it is being deleted it doesn’t. Whilst I don’t normally play games on Android, I recently discovered some good Linux games in the F-Droid store. I also noticed Scummvm - under Linux there is an old rpg game, Flight of the Amazon Queen. Did not notice readily at time of download that it was from a Russian site and my onboard security of Libre AV warned against install. (Also just installed Hypatia which comes back with nothing). Never installed the .apk, it is sitting in Downloads yet when I view on Computer, Downloads does not exist, nor in the phone when using ‘Files’ whether internal storage or the SD card I recently purchased for it but just Download - without the ‘s’.

I wouldn’t think it dangerous if it was available in F-Droid. Have you posted about it in the F-Droid forum yet? Maybe someone there had a similar experience.

Have you restarted the phone since you downloaded the .apk?

Info: ScummVM - Wikipedia

Troubleshooting (ScummVM’s website): Frequently Asked Questions — ScummVM Documentation documentation

One other suggestion: Install another Files application, perhaps Simple File Manager, available in F-Droid, and see if you get the same behavior.

Hi, should have explained, the game was not on F-Droid - just did a search for the game using the Browser and think it was the first option that came up - usually take more care than this!

You might try this method, using the adb remove command: adb shell rm - Android ADB Shell Commands Manual

(You’ll need to have adb installed on your computer. Change the path in the example to the actual path to the location of the .apk on your phone.)

Thanks. I think I have it installed on my Windows 7 64-bit pro drive - I had tried ADB in Linux when attempting to put e.OS on an old 1+ 3 but had to resort to Windows sadly.
Will take a look later. Many thanks.

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Late update I know. Never got round to sorting this out but appears to have disappeared, presumably with a few system updates I have done since then. This topic can be closed. Thanks.