MMS fails on Samsung S9 from e store

I have bought a refurbished samsung galaxy S9 from the e store, but i cannot make mms work on the phone. I have verified the apn settings with my carrier Telenor in Denmark and they are set correctly. I use signal as sms app, but i have also tried to use the default sms app, which is supplied with the e os.

Any suggestions on how I can make mms work so i can send and receive photos using textmessages?

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Can’t help, but sending MMS fails on Sony Xperia XA2 with e OS Q v0.15 as well. Just been discussing here

Is your S9 on the same OS version?

Yes i also use the latest update which was pushed this week, its called linageos 0.15-20210317106363 in system settings. But have had this issues since I received the phone in november 2020, which was an older version of the OS. Would just like to get it to work, as I sometimes receives mms messages and then i am not able to open them

Ach, this mms is a minefield! I don’t use it so I don’t have any experience with it apart from the odd test here and there.

Some things I have noticed today:
Sending sms as a “group message” will be sent as mms.
Sending mms requires data to be switched on.
Receiving mms requires recipient to have data switched on.
Receiving mms when data is not switched on will prompt a pop-up on my non-e phone asking for data to be switched on. When data is switched on , message does not arrive.
Receiving mms on non-e phone with data switched on prior to sending of message is successful.

I don’t need helping with this but others who use mms, hmmm…problems.

There are some issues on gitlab. This one may be of interest.

That’s strange also! I hope someone can help you with this.

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Just sharing: I have the S9+ on A10/eOS0.13. I use signal only, but just sent MMS to my wife and she confirmed the image arrived…

Great to learn that it is working with another user. Did you have to tweak anything with the network/apn settings to make it work as i have tried a lot.

No… I just normally use signal, then tested the carrier mms when I read your post… just stock standard settings and it worked.

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Posted an issue for the mms failure on e’s Backlog

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