MMS not working - Gigaset GS290


I have a Gigaset GS290 with /e/ preinstalled. Bought it from the /e/ store. When i try to send MMS trough the default sms app it is stuck on “sending” and never sends it. When someone sends me MMS i do not receive it. I do not get even notificaiton or anything like that. It is not a big problem for me but i just wanted to share the issue.

Hi !

Tested OK here, maybe an APN problem ?

I had similar issues on Fairphone 4. The fix for me was to have two APNs, where one of them was mms only, the other everything else (but very imporant to actually remove mms from the main one).

The actual contents on the APN depends on your provider, and should be available either on generic APN info sites or at your provider’s.