Mms not working

I have searched the forum for previous answers but none appear relevant.
I can send sms fine on the standard app but when attaching a photo from camera, I get message that it cant be sent and to try again.
I have reset my apn settings and all my network settings as suggested by phone carrier company.
I have a refurbished s9 from e foundation.
Any help greatly appreciated.

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thank you for your purchase and sorry for the issue you are facing.

Do you have cellular data enabled when you try to send the MMS ? (and a working cellular data connection)

Thanks for your reply.
Yes to both. I can send and receive ordinary sms messages no problem.
I have also tried turning work mode on and off but no help.

(Just to be sure, when I said "cellular data enabled " I meant 3G/4G/5G enabled).

Are you able to receive MMS ?

Could you try with another SMS/MMS app please ? There is “QKSMS” (but Message is based on this app so it might not change anything) or “SMS Messenger” (both available in Apps).

Strange. The qksms app is (as you expected) the same while sms messenger does not say sending of image failed but the receiver does not get them. Must be something very basic I think.

Ok, so it is not due to the app.

Have you tried to manually configure the APN (instead of just resetting it) ? Check if current settings are the same than those recommended by your carrier (you will probably find this information on a support page on its website).

Of course, logical deduction :+1:
I will try to check the apn info from the mobile company.