Mms problem and no updates download

I’ve got two problems.
One with mms which aren’t downloading, I followed a precedent topic but it didn’t fix the problem (it was said to change the APN of my phone).

And I can’t updates apps anymore ! I thought it was because I didn’t update the eos, so I updated it (latest version of 29th january), but I still can’t update any application.

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and I don’t know if it’s related but, when I plug the earphone, if I unplug it, the sound doesn’t come back. the phone still think the earphones are on.

anyone got an idea ?
it’s quite problematic with the impossibility to update or download app…

What phone are you using?

What version of /e/ have you installed?

i’ve got a fairphone 3, and I’ve the version of
android9, e 0.14-2021012999011
build number e_fp3-userdebug 9 pq3a.190801.002

I believe the “no MMS” thing is a known issue (which I guess you found).

No ideas about the updates and sound - sorry

didn’t find the solution for the mms thing… even if there was some help.

nobody to help me ?
still can’t download updates :frowning:

As far as I can see, the MMS problem is not fixed in the v0.15-q release

There are several MMS-related bugs still open, some fixes targetted for the ‘v0-16-q’ release

The v0.15 update for users of the ‘dev’ builds is available at I believe the OTA update for ‘stable’ builds should be available soon

hi, i’ve install the last update, the v0.15 and none of my problem were solved :’(…
It is beginning to be quite problematic as I can’t update the apps :’(

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