Mobile data connection doesn't work on Samsung S8

LTE+ shows up, but it will not connect to internet without wifi activated. Someone that cand report the same issue or a fix?

UPDATE: It seems that only some apps do not work with mobile network only.

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I got my S8 G950FD running using and connected to wifi without a problem. Put in a working Verizon SIM and registered to the network from “automatically select network”.
Phone Services reports "Selected network (Verizon Wireless) unavailable.

Could you be more specific?

I too own a S8 G950FD running e-0.9-p-2020051454091-dev-dreamlte

When connected to the mobile network just some webpages and apps loads correctly. To be more specific I can start with the builth in web browser. I can access but not or for instance. Also apps like Tesla, banking app, Telegram, integrated mail app do not connect.

The browser says “check the connection. ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED”
when I try to access the webpage.


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As a countercheck, install for example this browser: Total Launcher or OpenLauncher via /e/ Apps Store.

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If I disconnect the wifi it says “Something went wrong, try again later” when I search for the app. With wifi enabled I got to install it.

Yes, okay. Install OpenLauncher and test all network connections with him.

Try this:
Direct download: OpenLauncher Version 0.7.3 (41) 2020-04-30

Is it ensured that the correct baseband firmware is installed for your region?

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It does not make any difference if I use total launcher or open launcher. I do not know whats the correct baseband firmware for my region is and how to install it? I live in europe/norway.

Which stockROM firmware (region) is available on your device?

  • The Baseband versions number G950F… gives exact information.
    S8 > Settings > Android Version 9 > Baseband version

The baseband firmware must be flashed with Heimdall or Odin.

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The baseband number is G950FXXU5DSH3
Where do I find the baseband firmware?

I found your baseband number.

Please check again if you’ve a Galaxy S8 model SM-G950FD or SM-G950F. This is very important!

S8 > Settings > About phone > Device name SM-G950F?

Yes, I have a SM-G950F

→ 2019-09-16 - 9-Pie - PDA: G950FXXU5DSHC - CSC: G950FTEN5DSH9 - MCP: G950FXXU5DSH3

In my estimation, your firmware is fine.

Now the question remains why some apps don’t work with the mobile network.Next, let’s check us the SIM status:

S8 > Settings < About Phone > SIM status > SIM status

A screenshot would be meaningful.
Tip: Anonymize your “Phone number on SIM” on the screenshot

This is an unedited screenshot, isn’t it?

What strikes me immediately is, that is written under

Phone number on SIM

Your mobile phone number must be here!

Yes its unedited. Ordinary phone calls and SMS works just fine…

This is how it looks like with my S8 SM-G950F …

Which operating system does your host machine use: Linux or Wind°ws?

I use Windows, but also have access to Linux if necessary.

Do you want to leave it at the current status quo or do you want to continue searching for a better solution?

I need to figure out this problem or I have to flash another ROM :frowning: