Mobile data connection interrupted when calling

when I call while the mobile data connection is active, the mobile data is disconnected. The quick settings tile is still active but the data icon in the status bar shows the “x” and no network traffic is possible.
After finishing the call mobile data remains diconnected. I must deactivate the quick settings tile and reactivate it to reconnect the mobile data.
The provider hotline says this is device specific. Is that true?

Fairphone 3, /e/OS 0.17-q
My provider is Vodafone in Germany.


Reported as an issue: Mobile data connection interrupted when calling / Device goes offline during a call (#4242) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

After I had not gotten an answer here I had asked in the German forum because I have a German provider. With the help of the other users I found the solution for me:
The provider had not activated VoLTE. So it turned out not to be an issue of the device nor of /e/OS. After the provider had activated VoLTE the problem was solved.

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OK, I asked my operator. We’ll see.