Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Does the /e/ have any MDM softaware avalaible?

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According to anything I learned on the forum and about /e/, I don’t think so, but there may be hidden future dev plans.

Would “My data is my data” become “My data is company data”? :rofl:

Your best shot is to try demos by a commercial MDM provider, such as Android Device Management Software (Android MDM) | MDM App

I believe without to be rude or agresssive that your data is your data and this is not only for a natural person but also for a legal person. Companies like to keep their bussiness and their data on close circle. So your data is your data and the data of the company you work for is company’s data. Now regarding the MDM from the moment the telephone or laptop etc belongs to the company you work for is normal to manage the device for many reasons. You do not have there apps that you use in your personal life or at least is abnoral to have same telephone for personal and for bussiness use at least for me who believe that my data is my data.

Regarding your suggestion about ManageEngine I gave a brief view and is not bad, but need further investigation. Thanks

In our company we use FairPhone 4 and now we want to switch to /e/OS. We have already successfully tested /e/OS and it generally meets our requirements. Now we want to use our Google-free self hosted MDM Headwind MDM with /e/OS. Unfortunately I can’t find a way to roll out Headwind profiles. There is no QR scanner on the start screen (7x tap) for device enrollment.

Have a look at Headwind. Maybe Murena can make something possible. If there is enough demand. In perspective it would be +150 devices for us.

MDM is a topic I never explored - "" is packaged with Lineage and /e/, but I don’t see “”. If you interact while looking at adb logcat you can probably see what is missing.

Headwind has an Aosp pacakge that does offer (and replace) the Provision package - if you can build yourself or ask /e/ to do it for you, you can include this and point to your headwind instance.

To integrate after the image build by installing the apk there is

… but you’d need to import keys that I’m not sure where the private keys come from. Repo looks young. Might need to get in touch with each Sales dep. how to go about this?