Mobile ID authentication using Sim-Toolkit doesn't accept PIN on Samsung Galaxy S9

Hello everyone.

In our country we use Mobile ID authentication provided by mobile provider. This works as follows:

  • We enter our mobile phone number on particular app/website
  • Owner of the app/website sends SMS to the provided mobile phone number
  • SIM-Toolkit app on the phone with this particular SIM card catches this SMS and SIM-Toolkit interface is displayed asking for SPIN code
  • With SPIN code provided mobile phone sends SMS back to the app/website owner and login completes.

Problem is when I provide SPIN code, OK button just do nothing, blue “Enter” button on the keyboard do nothing either:

  • Using e-0.23-q-20220401175185-stable-starlte, earlier tried with e-0.19 too.
  • SIM-Toolkit can be found separately on the phone and can be opened independently from app/website login process: I can change SPIN code there. But I just can’t press OK when trying to authenticate.
  • The same SIM works great with SIM-Toolkit on the other phone.
  • Back in the days when I searched for solution, found that this problem may be deep as CyanoGen OS and is particular to Samsung (if not all) models. But didn’t found a solution yet.

Tried to report a bug in installation documentation, but this option asks for sign-up and when I tried to register there, I’m getting the error:

1 error prohibited this user from being saved:
Email is not allowed for sign-up. Please use your regular email address. Check with your administrator.

Pl check this guide

Thank you, this guide helped me to register a GitLab account. But now when I try to submit a bug for Samsung Galaxy S9, I’m getting 404 Page Not Found error. Is there any other way?

Hi I know this is an old thread, but did you find a solution? I just tried to sign in to do taxes and found this huge problem.

I have the exact same issue with Samsung Galaxy S10, trying to press the OK once I input my PIN leads nowhere and also the cancel button doesn’t work.

I’ve found a workaround to authenticate using Smart-ID app. Many government instances including banks allow me to use this method in my country. Had to use bio-metric authentication instead of Mobile ID authentication to start using Smart-ID though.