Model name...? what does 'redfin' mean?

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I just got myself a Pixel 5 to install /e/OS on - and I’m in the process of checking the model name against the ‘Official build’ morel name of ‘redfin’. However… The term ‘redfin’ doesn’t appear as a model name at GSMArena
My phone says here: ‘Settings>About phone>Regulatory labels’, that it’s a GTT9Q - which is a model reported on GSMArena.

What does ‘redfin’ mean and is model GTT9Q reported on GSMArena supported as ‘Official build’?

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Every phone model has a code name that identifies it from android perspective.
Yes, one would expect that these are easy to find, eg in gsmarena…
here it is explained as:

Android device codenames are the unique development project name that OEMs use while the device is in development. All Android devices have a codename.

I presume that several device model numbers can occur under the same android code name.

For redfin -according to the easy installer page and here- the build is obviously not limited to specific model numbers (unlike eg Samsung devices…)

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In the device page there is no mention of supported models. There is this page to help you confirm you device codename [HOWTO] Find device codename. Often the codename is also mentioned when you boot into Recovery mode, how to do this is mentioned in first link (it it definitely a good idea to double check yours before you start).

From the official list mentioned there we see only

Retail Branding	Marketing Name	Device	Model
Google			Pixel 5			redfin	Pixel 5

… so no further model names there.

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Very many thanks @obacht and @aibd :

And, that would explain my expectation/ assumption - a Galaxy S7 was my last install

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