Moon phase built into android?

Teracube, /e/ v1.6, Android v11:

Settings → About Phone → Android Version → quickly(!) tap on “android version” 3 times

It shows some app with moon phase… I guess… any comments on why that Easter Egg is there? Are there any other fun bloatware you know about? Is /e/ intended to remove such things?

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In my case (FP4, /e/ v1.7, Android 12) it shows some kind of clock you can set by tapping on it:


funny, my looks different, but yes, there is some sort of scrolling thing:

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And in 1.7-r-20221228-CUSTOM_SLIM-bacon


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Yep. The easter eggs have been a part of Android since forever.
On Oreo I get an Android Oreo cookie. When swiped around it changes to a black octopus in the water. You can move it all over or just watch it float.

On Pie is a multicolored P logo that changes color when tapped. When tapped enough times you’re thrown into a simple paint/doodle app.
Cool stuff.

Android easter eggs: A brief history and how to access each one


Yes, I was horrified to find that I had acquired “Cat controls” after messing with the “first level” image I shared above. I have not restarted the phone since – thanks for sharing @marcdw.

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To be honest I didn’t realize that some of the easter eggs had second levels. Didn’t know about the doodle thing on Pie and thought I broke something when that screen came up. :grin:

To me it’s a bloatware that have no use.

I had exactly the same! I thought it was malware until I found out it was the easter egg.
But this Android 11 Cat Controls seems to interfere with my phone in an inconvenient way. I disabled it, by going back to the dial and turn it to zero until I saw a ‘blocked’ logo instead of a cat logo.
I’m a bit disappointed it messes with parts of /e/OS, because I would like to play it.