More Android users are switching to iPhone. Reason could be privacy that it...


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I think iphones are still more privacy safe than android phones. Apple itself does not sell our data to others. Yet it is an illusion thinking that Google is not present in iphones. Many apps from itunes use Google analytics or Google firebase and Google paid Apple to be the default search engine although you can choose for Bing and Duckduckgo also.
I use Apple products because of their reliability, design and ease of use and of , yes , being not Google 's . And I use a Sailfish device, which is even easier to use than an iphone and it has a nice nordic design.

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I have a question regarding this interesting discussion …
I have the feeling that iOS is better than Android for all the privacy related topics. But is it really true?
My feeling is simply based on the fact that Apple does not use the Google services but their own services (if you use the Google tools with the iPhone, I guess it is the same as having a smartphone with Android), and they aim at selling their own services / products instead of selling your data for targeted advertising … therefore, even if they have all your data, at least they do not share it with the others, or use it as an advertising company would do …
I guess that some people here in the forum are quite knowledgeable and may enlighten

Thank you in advance

My understanding is that the iPhone if left with just the default apps is quite good at keeping information private (apart from what Apple takes). However install some apps or go to websites with aggressive tracking and the information begins to flow. Also in places like the US the service provider will happily sell lots of information about you. So for a typical user the iPhone is better, but not good.