Moto 5G Plus . Home screen not rotating

Hi Guys

Really happy with the /E/ OS Rom for the Moto 5G plus . Have been using it extensively for about a week . I even managed to play PS2/ Switch emulated games

The Stock Moto ROM only supports Andoid 11 . /e/ OS brings the phone up to Android 13 :smiley:…The only real issue I have had is the home screen not rotating .

I wanted to use it in landscape mode most of the time . So I checked ’ Auto rotation’ & ’ Allow Home screen Rotation ’ everything rotates including the lock screen but , as soon as its unlocked it flips to portrait . I open an app it goes back to Landscape

Turns out something to do with the default launcher , which is not rotating .

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The default launcher / homescreen is called Bliss, is written by /e/ and does not support rotation. Easiest is to install a different Launcher: Lawnchair 2, Open Launcher, are a couple of suggestions. I know Lawnchair 2 supports rotation, though it is nit enabled by default: you enable it through its settings (Press on Home screen, select Home Settings | Desktop, scroll down to Enable Rotation

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