Moto E4 Plus support?

Hi all,

A rather silly question probably, but I’d still like to double-check. The list of supported devices mentions “Moto E” - does that mean the entire family?

I’m thinking about flashing my Moto E4+, which is currently running Android 7.1.1 (Nougat).

Thank you!

Please don’t try. The rom must designed for your device. Otherwise you can brick it for ever.

I have 2 devices: Mi5s and Mi5sPlus. The device names are different (capricorn and natrium). So I have to use the related rom for each. If I would flash the natrium rom on my capricorn it will brick.

Normlly the TWRP flashing will show you an error when traing the wrong rom, but not ever. So better don’t try


I probably used the wrong wording here. By “flashing” I meant installing the /e/ OS on my Moto E4+.

So basically what I’m asking is simply whether the E4+ is supported by /e/ or not.

No! The Motorola Moto E4 Plus (XT1770 / XT1773 ) isn’t supported by /e/

/e/ OS is only available for the model XT1021 (1st generation) aka Motorola Moto E - “condor”

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Flashing = installing. So your words where OK

So only the one model and not the entire family, got it, thank you!