Moto edge 30 /device will not boot

After installing the ROM, I locked the Motorola Edge 30 bootloader and now it gives an error during execution

//No Valid Operating System could be Found. The device will not boot//

And I can’t install the official ROM because the bootloader is locked and needs to be unlocked.

I can’t install even with the RSA program and it tells me to go to the service. Because I am in Iran, I cannot access the services.

Is there a way to install the rom and unlock the bootloader?

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So you have learned the hard way that Moto Edge 30 is not lockable with an /e/OS ROM.

The sort of approach that may work is to use an EDL (Emergency Download Mode) technique.

Please be aware that I have only searched online for a link on the subject (I have not used the method on a Moto), here it is:

I suggest you spend a bit of time to further research this option before you commit.

Maybe Moto prefer to have their own service engineers offer the service, as it seems Moto do not offer much support to users trying to use this fix.

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Hello, thank you for your advice. I searched a lot of videos and information on the Internet, and each of them said methods that were either not possible or did not exist.
I have downloaded the stock ROM, but unfortunately, it accepts the flash ROM when running because the bootloader is not open.
I also tried through EDL, but the phone only enters fastboot and does not go to EDL, and I cannot do anything in this way.

The link I sent only references “test points” and do not even hint how to find them for this device. This link is not encouraging, sorry, but expresses the difficulty working with a Moto Bootloader is locked. OEM unlocking is off. /e/ is installed and won't boot. Am I out of luck? - #32 by Awilen

Later, @ahmadhafezy I found the “test point” reference link – again, before committing I recommend you first find another tutorial of how to use EDL from the test point on a Moto

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not fine test point