Moto G 2014 Draining battery

[BUG] Moto G 2014 (titan) connects a LOT to /e/ address book draining battery.

Hi @Erekoze please can you raise this as an issue in Gitlab so that it can be tracked and resolved. Also pl put in some logcats.

How to get the logcats from my device?

Hi @Erekoze You can get a logcat as under

To get logs do the below 2 steps :

  1. on your device,
    enable developers options in settings (Settings > About phone > Tap Build number 7 times)
    enable Android debug (Settings > Developer options > Android debugging)

  2. on your computer,
    install adb connect your device to your computer,
    and run adb logcat from a terminal (you may have to accept an authorization on your phone)
    Next, try to reproduce the error. You will be able to see logs on your computer terminal.

just like this one??

(Attachment logcat.txt is missing)

Thanks @Erekoze got the logcat from the Gitlab. Will ask the team to have a look at it.

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