Moto G 2015 Model Number?

I want to purchase a cheap phone to experiment with putting /e/ on it for the first time, in case I brick it. I’m looking at a cheap Moto G, but on the supported devices list, for most phones it gives a list of exact model numbers that are supported, but on the Moto G page, it doesn’t.
Could someone let me know what model numbers exactly are supported?

P.S. This is the phone I’m looking at and unsure if it is compatible:

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What country do you live in? Are you looking for a brand new old model or is an used device acceptable…?

Ireland. I’m looking at a used model, I just want the exact model number for /e/.

Still looking for the answer to this.

As far as I am aware there are not different model numbers for this device. The model name (osprey) covers both the 8GB/1GB and 16GB/2GB models. Any custom ROM for osprey should run on either model