Moto G 3rd 2015 'Osprey' OS crash

I’ve had no problems at all with /e/, running it since November 2018. This week, the phone crashed. It just showed a big ‘e’ with a unicolour background and was heating up.

When I force-rebooted it by holding in the power button, it looked like I was installing e from scratch (asked about language etc.). I also couldn’t find my contacts list, and had to have sms’s sent from Signal and Telegram.

Any ideas what that might have been? I was a bit worried about it, because my call records showed a phone call made by my device to a place in Texas (I live in Europe) which I hadn’t made, but could this have been the request to Signal or Telegram to send a code via sms?

Which version of /e/ for osprey did you use? The one from November of a more recent one?

Just the one that was on the site at the time, but I’ve been updating regularly as they’ve come up.

The OS is now running again, but there are weird glitches - Signal keeps reminding me to register my number with them (even though I have done so already), Nextcloud keeps crashing, and a few things like that. I’d like to do a factory reset, but don’t see that option, so maybe I have to start from scratch and go through the steps on the wiki for my device.