Moto G 5G Plus - Stuck in Boot Loop


I just flashed e/OS to my Motorola Moto G 5G Plus. I previously managed to flash Lineage and microG lineage. I’m using the adb/fastboot method. I used the latest Android S nairo release.

With e/OS though, I get stuck in a boot loop. After flashing, the OS starts, and the first message I see is (when the OS promps you to set up things like SIM, WiFi, etc), that “BlissLauncher keeps stopping”.

As soon as I remove the USB cable, the device restarts. Sometimes I make it through the first steps after setup, then the device restarts over and over (always displaying the BlissLauncher message for a brief moment).

Any hint on how to fix this ?

EDIT: I don’t think it’s a “boot loop” in the classical sense as you can get into the OS, more or less. If I leave the USB cable connected after installation, I can get through the inital setup process. As BlissLauncher crashes, I can only see the background image and some notifications.

But the restarting loop only starts once I remove the cable …