Moto G100 Experiences


I used to run e.OS on different OnePlus models in the past. But since the G100 has very nice specs, a lower used price and comes somewhat better equipped as a OnePlus 8, I feel tempted to get a G100 this time.

There is no post here regarding how good e.OS runs on a G100. Is anyone using e.OS on a G100 already? What is your experience and mileage, would your recommend it?

Looking forwarding to your opinions.

Also, what are those different SKUs mentioned? E.g. “PAM80049FR” “PAM80001SE” “PAM80004PL”. They seem end in a country code, but almost no info can be found on the net. Are those always the supported international model “XT2125-4” then?

i’m use /e/OS on Moto G100 and i’t work exelent. Now i use 1.5 (dev) and don’t have any problem, but you must only manual add contac sync account in settings :wink: