Moto G2 2014 - reason for remaining at 0.19?


first of all, I’d like to emphasize that it is not my intention to urge someone or to complain. I’m just asking. :wink:

  • What are the reasons that the Moto G2 2014 (titan) is still at 0.19 while 0.21 has been out for some weeks now?
  • Are there technical restrictions (like /system being too small)? Is some porting activity needed and you do not currently have enough human resources?
  • Does the device currently have an official maintainer?
  • Where can I find more information on what’s necessary to maintain that device (or any device in general) or how people can help?

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see the latest development update section Nougat/Oreo: Week 07. 2022 : Development and Testing Updates

[on nougat/oreo] Update 19 Feb Builds have failed for a number of devices. The team will be clubbing the releases along with v0.22. Will share ETA in next weeks update.

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Thank you, @tcecyk. Looking forward to 0.22 then.

Can you comment on the questions regarding maintenance and possibilities for helping as well?

I can only comment with my opinion

  • the build is maintained by the /e/OS Build Team, but I don’t think it is maintained in terms of kernel backports etc, what you think of when writing “official maintainer”. If your device has no kernel/vendor fork at devices · GitLab than it must be the lineage xml build configs
  • if the device can keep pace with Android product direction is indicated by some xda activity for there being a chance for something to trickle down to /e/ - Moto G (2014) | XDA Forums
  • not having 4g bands limits capability, but can be a useful wifi device anyway

I think it will remain on nougat, but as long as the minimum api levels of the forked /e/ apps do not go above the Api level a nougat can provide it’s not blocked. In doubt - a minimal build config can avoid incompatible apps and you’re in luck if it’s no central component

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